Why choose ETS for your next unpaid work placement?

Euro training services is one of the UK leading organiser of training programs.
We have over 20 years experience in the mobility sector – arranging unpaid work placements for trainees and graduates in the UK. We receive approximately 300 European trainees every year.

What we provide

Work placements are all about mutual benefit, so we work to serve the interests of everyone involved. We begin with a thorough needs assessment so you and the trainee will be suitably matched – then they’ll come to you with the language skills and technical knowledge required.

We also have a rigorous monitoring system that runs throughout the programme. You and the trainee are both making an investment of time, so it has to work out for all concerned. There’s just no other way.
The European trainees we bring to the UK range from school leavers to postgraduates. Each one faces fierce competition for a place on the scheme, so only the very best in their class will make it through the process.

Find a trainee for your company

If you have a business need that we can solve, please apply to join our host companies network.