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Are you based in Europe?

Looking for work experience placement in the UK?

ETS hosts nearly 300 trainees every year and we specialise in providing quality internships in a wide range of sectors and activities, organising accommodation and supporting participants throughout the whole of their stay from arrival to departure.

We work with partners, Universities and Schools from all over Europe.

  • Euro Training Services provided me with an excellent access to the UK labour market. I experienced a very professional work placement, which was selected recognising my individual qualifications and past work experiences. A special selected and well taught language course prepared me for my work experience in the UK. Thanks to ETS I am now on a full time permanent contract working at the same company where I started my internship. I strongly recommend ETS to achieve personal and professional development.

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    • Matthias Lindner
  • I was part of the Leonardo Program in July 2014 and my experience with ETS was truly a success.Nicolo, my contact in the UK, found me a work placement which met my expectations fully. I have a background in Banking & Finance and my internship was in a finance department of a Hotel. It was really interesting and challenging to learn English from a business perspective, a different way to work and understand the Hospitality industry & applicable accounting rules.At the end of my 3 month internship, they offered me a permanent job.And a couple of month later I am now working for a Bank in Central London which is quite amazing!!!ETS helped me to advance in my career, I gained language and professional skills as well as confidence. I would definitely recommend ETS for a work experience abroad.

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    • Clementine Hocquaux
  • i2LResearch has been happy to receive placement students from Italy via the Erasmus + programme. To date we have been lucky to host 3 keen young people for periods of a few weeks each. The sort of activities that the students have been involved in are fairly basic - assisting more senior staff in preparations for laboratory assays for example - but the availability of good people has been really useful to the Company. In return, the students benefit in a variety of ways. For example they learn team work, handling of samples, general laboratory skills, and, perhaps most usefully, how to work in a Good Laboratory Practice environment. Of course, they also improve their already reasonable English language skills! The students are hosted by local families, and are well supported by the Euro Training Services staff. As CEO of i2LResearch Ltd I would recommend this programme

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    • Peter McEwen
    • Chief Executive Officer
  • Women Connect First is an organisation that seeks to empower the lives of disadvantaged families in Cardiff and south east wales. This is done through different projects targeting different age groups. Currently, WCF is running three projects: The 'Youth Connect' project working with young parents age 14 - 25, the 'Golden Years' project working with older Black and Ethnic Minority ladies age 50+ and the 'Accredited ESOL' course project where we offer ESOL courses in three levels; Pre entry, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. All these projects are run through a range of free holistic services. The services are delivered thanks to our staff, volunteers and our ETS 'unsung heroine' who have been very helpful. Working in partnership with the European Training Service (ETS) over the past four years cannot be overemphasised as they do send us incredibly talented oversea work placement students from main land Europe who use their knowhow in the delivery of these projects. We have students through ETS with diverse skills and their bilingualism and trilingualism is always a big asset to the organisation. ETS is a big force to reckon with as their clients are a big asset to any hosting organisat

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    • Gwendolin Ngum
    • Volunteer's Coordinator

How we organize your experience

After receiving your application and CV, we will (where possible) arrange for a Skype interview to discuss your requirements, evaluate your level of English and talk about your work placement.

This interview allows us to ensure we find the right type of placement for you in order to make sure you have a happy and beneficial experience during your stay.

After securing your work placement for you, we will arrange the following:

  1. Provide information on airport/ local transport to and from work
  2. English language course/cultural preparation if required
  3. Find suitable accommodation if required
  4. Provide you with a training agreement outlining your tasks/duties, hours of work etc
  5. 24/7 support and follow up throughout your stay